Top Quality Fashion Wrap lucky green or  orange hands Bracelet 



Products Introduction


    " Various Color lucky wrap Bracelet  " is a popular band in the fashion crowd especially for child, this is written with every kind of colorful "inspirational wristbands" inspirational discourse, not only fashion can inspire a positive attitude towards life, therefore, is popular with young people for tracking colorful life to wear a popular avant-garde bracelet , let you safe and cool , wearing on the hand which is a fashion trendsetter !

    Lucky hands bracelet with environmental protection non-toxic tasteless, good elasticity, no cracking, long service life, does not stimulate the skin and other characteristics. Soft material with a design is generous, concise, bright colors, fashionable, color variety of unique advantages. Our Bracelet adopts carving / printing / epoxy and other technology, there are a variety of options such as bracelets, monochrome, multicolor, camouflage bracelet, luminous wristbands, flag and so on, your own design can be customized.

     Lucky Wrap bracelet is not only a fashion jewelry, is also a kind of low cost, high benefit of advertising promotional advertising gifts!  it is with a variety of organizations, brand promotion together, a good design can convey a very far-reaching significance, this epidemic has now spread all over the world.
The product feature:

1.Material : Silicone/ PVC / PC / TPU, good feeling, durable, heat-resisting &cold-resisting
2.Logo : Custom ( engraving, silkscreen printing, debossing and embossing )
3.Colour : Any color is available.
4.Use: Promotional gifts, home decoration, advertising
5.OEM & ODM : OEM and ODM services provided Perfectly fit for every bracelet
6. Place of origin: Guangdong, China
Pictures show:

We are professional at manufacturing lucky hands bracelet and can also provide you OEM & ODM service .


If you are interest in this style of hands bracelet , don't hesitate to contact us via email.





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